The Benefits of Seeing An Orthodontist In Your Local Community

If you are considering orthodontic care, you’ve likely been researching the best way to receive treatment. You’ve probably stumbled across direct-to-consumer, virtual treatment programs that ship right to your door. You have likely been weighing the pros and cons of seeing an in-person provider versus a mail-order company.

To help your decision-making, Dr. Brady and his team at Brady Orthodontics would like to share with you some invaluable features in-person care has at its disposal. 

Dr. Brady’s Orthodontic Expertise!

When you choose to receive care from Brady Orthodontics, there’s nothing better than in-office care from an experienced professional!

Because online services cannot see you in person, they cannot give you the thorough examinations essential to the treatment’s success. To determine if you are fit for care, online companies ask you to complete an at-home mold impressions kit and send pictures of your mouth. While this can give them some information, they are missing a huge chunk!

Your mouth needs to be healthy before, during, and after treatment, or you risk unnecessary pain and tooth trauma. The only way to know for sure is an in-person examination. In-person orthodontists like Dr. Brady will look at your teeth and gums as well as take X-rays, impressions, and scans to ascertain if you are ready for treatment. 

With in-person care, you also know who provides and guides your treatment and their qualifications. The face-to-face treatment gives you the opportunity to form a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Brady and his team built on trust. At every appointment, you get immediate feedback on your progress and can ask Dr. Brady any questions and receive direct answers. No need to wait in a long phone call queue, send in a text or email, or answer a written questionnaire about how you think treatment is going.

We Have Multiple Treatment Options!

Online orthodontic providers only offer clear aligners as their treatment option. While clear aligners are great, they might not be for everyone! Brady Orthodontics proudly has multiple treatment options on our roster so that you can create your dream program with Dr. Brady. With clear aligners, metal braces, and ceramic braces, we’re able to provide care for a broader spectrum of orthodontic needs, such as severe teeth adjustments and jaw alignments.

Personalized options like Invisalign and KLOwen braces allow for care as unique as a patient’s needs and goals, which means you can complete treatment faster and comfortably.

How Do We Effectively Provide So Many Options? With State-Of-The-Art Technology, Of Course!

The orthodontic community is always evolving due to new techniques, information, and technology emerging. When Dr. Brady invests in these updates, he’s investing in you. Your smile deserves the best of the best, and Dr. Brady is delighted to give it to you. Let’s look at two state-of-the-art technologies only offered by in-office providers that have forever changed the orthodontic world.

iTero Element Scanner

One of our prized possessions at Brady Orthodontics is our iTero Element Scanner. This machine uses a small wand to take images of the teeth and gums and then compounds those images into a 3D, digital, interactive model of your mouth. Dr. Brady can use this model to efficiently and accurately plan your treatment program and even show you a representation of your predicted final look! While it doesn’t replace mold impressions entirely, it is a more comfortable option with a more detailed look into the mouth than a mold impression.

InBraces’s Smartwire

For patients who don’t want or don’t qualify for clear aligners and don’t like the look of even our ceramic braces, we have InBrace Hidden Braces! These braces sit behind the teeth and offer the efficiency, durability, and flexibility of braces with the discretion and freedom of clear aligners. No one will know you’re in treatment unless you tell them!

But for today’s blog, we would like to focus specifically on InBraces’s Smartwire technology. This wire is unique in its ability to be “pre-programmed” at the start of treatment. It can adjust your alignment all on its own, eliminating orthodontic checkups. The unique wavy shape of the wire allows patients to brush and floss like normal, reducing oral hygiene frustration and increasing oral health during treatment! Each wire is personalized for each patient, so you know you’re getting care as one-of-a-kind and amazing as you.

Treatment For All Ages!

Dr. Brady can provide orthodontic care for the whole family! Some online companies will treat a patient as young as twelve, though most only treat teenagers and adults.

But did you know that your child should see an orthodontist at the age of seven? While it is unlikely that your child would need treatment that young, it’s not impossible! Two-phase Treatment is critical for some young patients to have a healthy mouth and pretty smile when they’re older.

Brady Orthodontics has treatment for teenagers and adults, too! It’s never too late to begin your journey to a healthy, beautiful smile! 

Brady Orthodontics also provides retreatment options for patients who have had orthodontic care but are unsatisfied with their smile.

We’ll Communicate With Insurance For You!

We understand that cost is a significant concern in the decision-making process, and Dr. Brady never wants anyone’s top reason for turning away care to be because of cost.

We will communicate with your insurance company for you. Insurance can be stressful and complicated, but we’ve seen it all! Your insurance company won’t intimidate or confuse us. With our years of experience, you can feel confident that we’ll get you your max benefits!

If you still have a bill after insurance is applied, don’t worry! We have flexible payment plans and will help you find the one that best suits your finances.

Before any of this, however, our team will sit down with you and break down the costs associated with your care. Hidden fees and suspicious charges are not a thing here! We want you to know what every penny is for. We’ll happily answer all your questions.

The Benefits of Seeing An Orthodontist In Your Local Community

When You Need Personable, Local Care, Brady Orthodontics Is Your Best Option!

We are thrilled about the virtual expansion of oral healthcare and even offer a virtual consultation to new patients. Still, at the same time, we believe your entire orthodontic journey should not be 100% online. 

Brady Orthodontics will provide you and your family with excellent customer service, a welcoming environment, and stunning results! 
Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our fantastic staff. We promise your new smile is worth the drive!