Your Invisible Treatment Solution

Traditional braces aren’t for everyone. InBrace Hidden Braces fit behind your teeth so you can share your smile without bulky brackets and wires.


All About InBrace

InBrace is a high-tech, flexible treatment option designed with comfort and discretion in mind. Dr. Brady attaches a customized SmartWire to the back of your teeth, which gently pulls your teeth into alignment over time.

InBrace works on autopilot to shape your smile so that you can expect fewer visits without monthly tightenings or tray changes at Brady Orthodontics. With this practically invisible braces alternative, you’ll see the results you want without attracting notice.

How It Works

During your first appointment at our office in Winnetka or Evanston, Dr. Brady will create a digital model of your smile using our 3D imaging system. This model allows our Brady Orthodontics team to customize your InBrace SmartWire to fit your unique grin.

Once we craft your personalized SmartWire, Dr. Brady will apply custom-positioned brackets to the back of your teeth, insert the wire into the brackets, and voila!

You can leave our office showing off your smile. All the while, it’s getting straighter by the day.

Why InBrace?

With so many benefits to this high-tech treatment plan, soon you’ll be asking, “Why not InBrace!?”

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Treatment On Autopilot

What makes InBrace different from other treatments is its patented SmartWire design. Treatment methods like Invisalign or metal braces require tray changes or regular adjustments.

With InBrace, once Dr. Brady attaches your appliance to the back of your teeth, you don’t have to worry about it again until your smile is completely straight.

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Invisible Care

If you’re looking for a discreet treatment plan that straightens your smile without attracting attention, InBrace is the way to go. These braces fit behind your teeth, so no one will ever know you’re seeing Dr. Brady — that is until they see your new smile!


Fewer Appointments

At Brady Orthodontics, we know your time is valuable. When you choose InBrace hidden treatment, you can expect to visit our office every eight to ten weeks for check-ups.

That means you’ll spend less time in the orthodontic chair and more time in Winnetka and Evanston showing off your brand new smile.


Designed for Everyone

InBrace is an excellent solution for patients of all ages around Winnetka and Evanston and for all orthodontic conditions. These hidden braces will work wonders for your smile, whether you have mild, moderate, or severe malocclusions.

Results You'll Love

Hygienic & Practical

InBrace hidden braces are the cleanest way to straighten your teeth. Because they’re applied to the back of your teeth, you can still brush or floss your teeth, no problem.

The finished product will be a straighter, whiter smile that you can feel proud of.

Easily Removed

Keep Your Routine

You can eat whatever you want, play sports, and practice your instrument with InBrace hidden braces. You won’t have to change the way you live to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile.

Invest in Your Smile

Your smile is worth the investment. InBrace hidden braces will straighten your teeth without the hassle of traditional braces, making you feel confident and comfortable throughout your treatment.

At Brady Orthodontics, we make InBrace treatment an accessible option for all patients. We accept a wide range of insurance plans, so you can enjoy the smile you deserve.

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