How Do Orthodontists Create a Treatment Plan for Each Patient?

Whether you are in the middle of treatment or are interested in seeing an orthodontist for care, you may wonder how orthodontists create a unique treatment plan for each patient. Brady Orthodontics is here to share how our expert team understands each patient’s needs and helps them reach their smile goals. Read on to learn more about our free consultations, how we diagnose issues, and our available treatment options.

Come In For Your Free Consultation

At Brady Orthodontics, we provide each new patient with a free consultation so they can learn more about their orthodontic needs, and our team understands the specifics of their case so we can best help. During this time, we learn more about the current condition of your teeth through various assessments, each to diagnose issues and narrow down the most effective treatments. 

We value listening to each patient’s treatment goals and how we can accommodate them to make your time with us as comfortable as possible. Take the first step in scheduling your free consultation on our site so we can start your smile journey today!

Diagnosing Your Orthodontic Needs 

Initial Physical Assessment

When you first come in, Dr. Brady will begin by looking at your teeth and what signs of issues our team can immediately find. This will help us better understand what further examinations will help diagnose and create your treatment plan. We may also take digital photographs of your teeth during this time. At the end of your care, you will get to see the amazing before and after photos.

Taking a Digital Impression

Brady Orthodontics uses the latest technology, including the iTero element scanner to take a digital impression of your teeth. This provides us with a highly accurate 3D digital model of your teeth, gums, and where your teeth are established. 

This incredible technology has helped make our patient’s treatment plans as precise and unique to their specific case as possible, allowing for more efficient and effective treatment times. The scans will enable us to make you more comfortable and better-fitting appliances.

Capturing X-Rays 

If you have x-rays taken within the past six months, we ask you to bring those in for review as they provide our team with a better idea of your tooth alignment and development that we cannot see with our eyes. Our office utilizes panoramic and cephalometric x-rays, each showing us different perspectives and helping us determine the best placement for your future appliance to ensure efficient results.

Dental and Medical History

Dr. Brady will also review your past health records to understand the complete picture of your needs and provide more details on how to customize your treatment plan as much as possible. It is important to inform Dr. Brady of any accommodations we can strive to include and past experiences with the orthodontist or dentist. The more we can learn about you, the better.

How Do Orthodontists Create a Treatment Plan for Each Patient?

Discussing Your Treatment Plan

After reviewing all of the above materials, Dr. Brady and our treatment coordinator take this information to create your unique treatment plan. We will then discuss your care in full in a private consultation room. He will point out specific areas of concern, the corrections you can expect, the most effective treatment options, and much more.

The entire process will be explained to you, including appointment scheduling, the length of treatment, as well as payment and financing of your care. This appointment is for you to thoroughly understand the future of your oral health, so Dr. Brady will take his time and answer all your questions. We want you to be completely confident about our discussion. If you feel ready, treatment can be started on the same day!

Available Care Options

KLOwen Metal Braces

At Brady Orthodontics, we customize your treatment plan as much as possible with KLOwen metal braces. This high-tech appliance can straighten your smile up to 40% faster than its traditional counterpart. You can expect fewer appointments and shorter treatment times with the same results. They are great for closing gaps and fixing complex orthodontic issues. 

Available for patients of all ages, KLOwen metal braces are comprised of brackets, wires, and elastics, along with other components, and use a custom 3D printed tray to place your braces when it is time. We believe in making your appliance unique to ensure the most effective care. 

KLOwen Clear Braces

Using nearly invisible tooth-colored ceramic material, KLOwen clear braces are an excellent option for those looking to achieve the perfect smile with a less noticeable appearance than other appliances. They use the same technology as their metal counterpart and use small brackets. KLOwen clear braces are another custom-made choice so that you can expect efficient treatment and comfort throughout the process.


Available for teens and adults, Invisalign clear aligners are a subtle treatment that no one will notice you are wearing! They use a series of clear, custom-fit plastic trays that stay on your teeth for at least 22 hours daily and are switched out for a new set every two weeks. Invisalign is a modern approach to the smile journey, and we are excited to offer it to our patients.

InBrace Hidden Braces

If you want to work on your teeth but are not interested in a traditional braces option, InBrace hidden braces may be perfect for you! This discreet appliance uses a SmartWire that lays behind your teeth, providing a comfortable feel and less friction against the inside of your mouth. We use your x-rays and digital impressions to decide the best placement for each bracket. You can expect fewer appointments and no need to worry about monthly tightening.

How Do Orthodontists Create a Treatment Plan for Each Patient?

Your Smile Journey Awaits at Brady Orthodontics!

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