Brady Ortho Will Open Second Location


Exciting news from Brady Orthodontics! We recently purchased Dr. Sharon Durfee's office in Evanston.


We'll continue to be open in our Winnetka office the same number of days each month, but we'll now be seeing patients in Evanston as well. There should be more availability in Winnetka as the patients further south of our practice will likely choose to go to Evanston, freeing up time in Winnetka. Between the two offices, we will be seeing patients five days a week, with evening hours to 7 pm every week and one Saturday a month.


The practices are only about 10 minutes apart, making it very convenient for patients to go back and forth if needed. We know how difficult it can be to chauffeur kids around town to after-school activities. Having this second North Shore location and working more days should make it more convenient to fit orthodontic appointments into your busy schedules.


Dr. Brady will continue to see all of his current patients and will be starting treatment on all new patients at both locations. Orthodontic transitions can be a little awkward because treatment often takes 1-2 years. In typical transitions, the doctor could sign up a patient for treatment on Friday and sell the practice on Monday.


Dr. Durfee really cares about her patients and wants to avoid that situation as much as possible. She will continue to see her current patients in Evanston with the hopes of finishing treatment on as many patients that started with her as possible.


We believe that this addition will be a great benefit to our patients and parents. Like anything new, there may be some little bumps and learning along the way. We've done our best to try and plan out everything as best we can to make the transition as smooth as possible, but if you see anything pop up that we could improve, please email Dr. Brady directly so we can address it with our team.


We truly appreciate all of your support over the last seven years. We're really excited about how the practice has grown and the level of work we're able to provide for our patients. If you have any friends or family in Evanston, Skokie or Chicago please spread the word that we'll be moving down that way. We're hoping this new office can grow like our Winnetka office and create more beautiful smiles.


All the best,

Brady Orthodontics